On Friday, we opened the second installment of the Solar Plexus exhibition at the Space Station Sixty Five in  South-East London. The opening was nicely filled, the evening was fun (photos coming soon), and the exhibition looks good, to a great extent thanks to the support we had from the SS65 owners and staff. Since the show consists almost entirely of projected images (both video, web-streaming and still photographs projections), and the gallery space had to be therefore darkened, the general feeling is much more quiet and intimate than its more extroverted first part in Shanghai’s V Art Center in June.

The show is a part of My People project, founded by Ronnie Gillam, with whom I had the pleasure to do the curating, and features twelve artists from Shanghai, London and Amsterdam: Charbel Ackermann, Irina Birger, Brian McKenna, Yaron Lapid, Colm Lally, Lu Yang, Ellen Nolan, Anika Schwarzlose, Peter Vink, Wu Juehui, Xu Wenkai (Aaajiao), and Xu Zhifeng aka s.h.a.w.